10 Tall Succulents and Cactus That Are Popular Choices for Your Garden 2024

Do you love tall plants? But are you worried about the lack of a place to be able to plant them at your home? You can try tall succulents for your home as well as for your garden. If you are in search of tall succulents then you are at the right place.

Tall succulents can be easily propagated at your home by following some simple steps.

The ease of propagation, drought tolerance, and low maintenance requirements make these plants the right choice for practically everyone.

If you are wondering about what to do with tall succulents, the answer is simply to keep it any corner and it will change the vibe.

If want to grow tall succulents at your home then keep on reading this article to find more amazing facts about tall succulents.

Why buy succulents?

Most of the time people prefer succulents over cacti. Let’s have a brief discussion about why people love tall succulents so much.

  • First of all, succulents are low maintenance.
  • They come in different colors. They will add colors to your boring house.
  • Caring for and growing these plants are very easy.
  • They are easily available.
  • They are cute and require less space to grow.
  • Succulents keep the air fresh and toxin-free.
  • Tall succulents are tempting.

Can you tell me why do succulent grow tall? The answer is succulents stretch out when they do not get enough sunlight. The succulent start bends toward the light source. Then as it continues to grow like that only, it will get taller with more space between the leaves.

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10 types of tall succulents

Types of tall Succulent

So, let’s have a brief discussion about the top 10 types of succulents. We have tried to cover both the tall succulents for outdoors as well as indoor tall succulents.

So, let us now begin with the tall succulents types here.

Golden Barrel Cactus

Golden barrel tall succulent

The barrel cactus is known for its beautiful golden yellow spines which have thickly surround the dark green to moss green body.

The upper portion of the stem is covered with whitish-colored hairs which are elegantly visible on older plants.

It could be 40 inches tall and 24 inches wide with a globular shape.

Palmer’s Agave

Palmer agave tall Succulent

Palmer’s Agave is a slow-growing succulent that is very easy to cultivate. At a height of  3500 ft to 6000 ft above the soils covered with limestone, you can find this succulent.

These are the succulents with woody stems. It can tolerate low temperatures. These tall succulents with leaves are categorized under the section for tall leafy succulents.

Medium-sized species 3.25-4 ft. and 20-47 inches are wide with a Rosette shape of form.

Fishbone Barrel

Fishbone Barrel Cactus

This type of succulents can grow tall. It is commonly found in hilly regions. This type of succulent can be found in Arizona, South-western New Mexico, Northwest Chihuahua, and Northern Sinaloa, Mexico.

It can grow in low temperatures. A perfect choice of succulents for indoor gardening and home decor.

12 feet tall and 30 inches in diameter with a Globular shape.

Senita Cactus

Senita, Tall Succulent plant

The stems of the Senita are bluish-green or grey-green in color. It has white spines that turn to a darker grey and form a bristle-like display at the top portion of the plant. It is very sensitive in freezing conditions and can tolerate high heat.

They are 20 feet in height and 15 feet in diameter with up to 50 or more stems with columnar stems.

Senita plants are tall succulents with flowers of white and pink color.

Ocotillo Plant

Ocotillo, Tall Succulent plant

Ocotillo is a drought-tolerable succulent. Growing from the root level, the plant has amazing branches looking likes a wand and between 6 to 100 in the count.

This succulent is deep-rooted and the stem is slim and moist. The growth rate for this plant is quite slow comparatively.

It could grow up to 9 to 30 feet tall with spines to 1.5 inches long and can spread to 15ft.

Saguaro cactus


The Saguaro has a tall, thick, fluted, columnar stem. The diameter is ranging from 18 to 24. It contains several large branches curving upward.

If you are looking for tall outdoor succulents, then Saguaro can be a perfect choice for you.

It could grow up to 35 inches wide and up to 50 feet tall with a Columnar-shaped branch. This is one of the tallest succulents.

Arizona Fish Hook Cactus

Fishhook barrel Cactus

This fishhook barrel is very common in Arizona. It is known for its thin, short, black hooked spines and it has beautiful pink to dark magenta flowers.

It also has edible fruit and the fruit is about 1/4 to 3/4 inches and is one of the most chosen ones among the tall succulents for pots.

They could grow up to 5 feet in height and 4 inches wide clustering plant.

Burbank’s Spineless Cactus

Spinless pear tall Succulent

The Burbank Prickly Pear can be seen everywhere in the Southern part of America. This tall succulent plant has been heavily cultivated in recent years.

It is basically a pine-less plant with large, thick, flat joints usually about 12 to 20 inches long. It is an extremely carefree plant and easily grown from cuttings.

It can attain 15 feet in height and over 10 feet in width with a Padded shape structure.

Snake Plant

snake plant, Tall Succulent


Dracaena trifasciata is a species of flowering plant and native to tropical West Africa.

Do you want to find them easily? Try using its common name which is ‘Snake plant‘ and you will surely find a lot of it in the marketplace.

They are 24 inches wide and 18 inches tall, clustering in shape.

Queen of the night(Hedge Cactus)

Hedge Cactus

This queen of the night aloe plant has long columnar stems with 5 to 7 ribs. The stems are bluish-green or grey-green in color. Spines are short and brown or black in color.

Those are found throughout Southern Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

They can grow up to 30 feet or more in height, large columnar bushes.

An amazing super Tall Succulent

Baobab succulent

Believe it or not, Baobab plant(Aeonium Arboreum) is succulent. Also known as tree houseleek. Baobab succulent is considered as largest succulent in the world.

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How to grow and take care of these succulents?

Are you planning to grow some tall succulent but unaware of its caring process? Here, I am going to explain the conditions under which succulents can grow better. So, the process of growing and caring for these succulents is pretty much the same.

So, I will tell you a generalized caring process and it will be applicable for any succulents.

If you are a beginner then you have are at the right place. Let’s find out what are things you have to do to keep yourself tall succulent healthy and alive.


Choose a pot that is wide in size and has a good drainage system for your tall succulent. My suggestion – choose a ceramic pot which breathable and can work outside as well as inside.

Soil type

Tall succulents can grow well in a combination of potting soil mix, perlite, and sand.

A good soil mixture for succulents must possess an extraordinary capability to drain out the excess water so that not much of the moisture is retained as having too much of it can lead to root rotting.

Watering Needs

You should only pour water at the base of the succulents and try avoiding watering the leaves as it might lead to rotting with the moisture retained in the leaves.

Watering a succulent requires proper observation and you should only water again when the soil will be completely dried out.


Fertilizers are used to enhance the growth of tall succulents. You can use compost manure, worm casting, and tea bags. Using fertilizer is totally optional. Make sure the fertilizer is water-soluble and contains less nitrogen.


A common question that is quite familiar to the gardeners is do succulents need sun? Yes, they do need sunlight just like any other plant. They originated from hot countries so they need at least 3 hours of sunlight in a day.

But avoid harsh sunlight during summer. It can cause sunburn. Most of the tall succulents need full sun. Sometimes you may find succulents growing tall instead of wide because of the wrong placement of the pot.

Due to the lack of sunlight succulent etiolation happens, and then it will be known as etiolated succulent.


If you are thinking propagating tall succulents is tricky then you are totally wrong.

If you want to learn how to propagate etiolated echeveria, then keep on reading-

  • Firstly, let the leaf or the cutting dry out.
  • Water the leaf-cutting. But full-grown succulents do not need to be watered every day.
  • Wait for some time. It will take some time to form roots. After that, succulents will grow usually.

Do you know how to prune a panda plant? You can prune succulents easily if you know how to do it, so let me guide you through this.

Just take a scissor and trim the stems or the leaves according to your choice. However, you will need to prune the leaves regularly if you want your plant to be well-groomed. This is the process how to trim tall succulents.

Do you know how to divide large succulents? Take the plant out of its pot and remove the soil as much as possible. If the plant does not come out easily, cut through the roots and separate sections.

Potting & Re-potting

Now, I am going to discuss the most difficult job in a very simple way i.e., the potting and repotting process of tall succulents by using only household kinds of stuff.

The tall succulent should be repotted after 2 years because the soil loses all its nutrients over time. And sometimes the roots of the plant are tangled up inside the pot or even growing out of the holes. The post should be big and wide.

Let’s see how to repot succulent plants.

  •  First, remove the plant from the existing pot.
  • Second, remove soil from the roots very carefully.
  • Third, place the biggest stem in the center.
  • At last, fill up the pot with the soil mix.

The repotting process also implies how to replant tall succulents.

Disease and Pest Control

Tall succulents do get diseases due to a lack of caring. Some of the common pests are Mealybugs, Spider mites, Thrips, Aphids, Worms/Caterpillars, Nematodes, Cochineal insects, Slugs, snails, etc. These pests can affect your lovely tall succulents.

Do not get stressed out. Make a solution mixing 3 parts of rubbing alcohol with 1 part of water and dip cotton into the solution and rub it on the spots where the bugs made their colony.


In the world of succulents, most of the cacti are non-toxic. The above-mentioned tall succulents are non-toxic. You can wear gloves before touching succulents if you want to.

Though most of the tall succulents are not poisonous they are not 100% safe. The sharp spines can be really dangerous to your children as well as your pets.

If your succulents are turning into orange-colored succulents then, it means that your plant is stressed! Succulents produce pigments called anthocyanin and carotenoid, in response to intense sunlight and heat.


I think by now you already know so much about tall succulent plants. I have mentioned all the caring growing and propagating processes in a very simple way and also, I have suggested 10 tall succulents for you- as I have promised at the beginning of the article.

Succulents are becoming popular day by day. They are the most colorful and beautiful indoor and outdoor plants.

The caring process is very simple for tall succulent plants. You have to be a little patient to get better results.

This article will make your task of choosing a tall succulent for your garden a little easier for you. The suggested tall succulents are suitable for your home and office environment.

Keep the precautions in your mind before buying those tall succulents. Follow the guidelines while buying it.

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