Top 10 Succulents for Low Light Conditions in Homes and Offices in 2024

Have you always had a wish of decorating your office space with succulents? That’s a great thought and with so many varieties of succulents available, it is quite easy to find the best succulents for the office.

Placing the best succulents for office in the rooms of your workplace or the corridors or maybe in the reception would surely add a touch of greenery and essence to your office.

Before going into further details about the best succulents for office, let us put some light on the requirements of indoor succulents.

The best conditions for succulents

The best succulents for office require a minimum of 4-6 hours of proper sunlight daily.

The light should not be a direct one as that can cause tissue burns, filtered sun rays are the one that is preferred the most.

Going ahead we will learn more about succulent care & plantation.

How to plant succulents indoors?

The procedures do not vary much even if you decide to place your succulents indoors. Apart from the lighting requirements, you need to provide the below essentials.

  • Watering – Succulents don’t require a lot of watering, only once a week during the growth phase & once a month during the dormant phase
  • Soil & potting – The pot should be a well-draining one with a mixture of porous soil mixed with proper proportions of pumice
  • Fertilizers – You can choose to apply liquid fertilizers diluted to half its strength for progressive growth.

Is indoor light enough for succulents?

In your office, the lighting conditions would be somewhat similar to the one in the interior of your house

Succulents that are meant for indoor plantations can suit themselves in low-lightning conditions. If you are still bothered, keep them under some artificial GROW lights.

Do Succulents do well in an office?

In the office, there is not much scope for proper sunlight reaching the succulents. In such conditions, it is quite natural of you to think if succulents can survive in office.

Succulents are anyhow suited to survive harsh conditions due to their origin. For choosing the best succulents for office all you need to keep in mind is to choose a plant that can survive in low-light.

You can easily care for these succulents in the office.

The types of indoor succulents

Looking for succulents at work? Certainly, a great choice since these indoor plant requires very little monitoring.

Let us straight away hit the list for the best succulents for office now.

1. English Ivy

English Ivy

Offices are often having chilling conditions and it is quite hard to find a succulent which can survive even in the cold.

Nothing to worry, since the English Ivy can easily survive in chilly weather and the only thing you need to ensure is to water it frequently till its root get strongly planted.

2. Ficus

Ficus plant, succulents for office

You won’t always be able to find time for your succulent between your works at the office. Therefore, you probably require a succulent which can survive even when neglected.

The Ficus plant is such a succulent which can survive in low-light and also in dry soil suiting the category of best succulents for office perfectly.

3. Lucky Bamboo

lucky bamboo

You will surely be lucky if you invest in the Lucky Bamboos since these succulents are a great choice for a Feng Shui like ambiance.

It is an amazing oxygen emitting plant that keeps your health up to date with crowded office environments.

Having cubical desks? Well, you can’t think of a different option but this is for your office rooms.

5. Jade Plant

jade plant, succulents for office

People often ask – can a Jade plant live in an office? The answer is simply ‘Yes’.

The succulent requires medium sunlight throughout the day and the only thing to remember about them is to keep the soil moist.

6. Red Aglaonema

Red Aglaonema

This is also known as Chinese Evergreen plant. The reddish-pink hue in the leaves of this succulent makes it one of the most desired among the best succulents for office.

The plants are perfect for low lights and will reflect their colors strongly if placed in a bright spot.

This is an Air purifying plant.

7. Tillandsia


Commonly known as the Air-plant, has a great spidery look that is best suited for offices.

The amazing fact about these succulents is that they don’t require soil to live and only you need to drink it with water once every 2 weeks.

This plant is best for offices near by bust roads. The speciality of this plant is that it suck out all carbon monoxide from your room and convert it to oxygen.

8. Rex Begonia

Rex Begonia: succulents for office

Although a succulent suited for low-light, this plant prefers to be kept in a bright spot but away from direct sunlight.

The demand for humidity is also high among these indoor plants and needs to be watered frequently.

This is an Air purifying plant.

9. Bromeliads

Bromeliads, succulents for office

The succulents are preferred for their beautiful blooms which are a hard thing to achieve and require a bit of your time for caring and watering.

But once the plant blooms, you can water it occasionally.

10. Pothos

Pothos- succulents for office

This vine plant is also known as the Money plant. Commonly found in homes and offices.

It provides positivity in the space and is known for its Vastu correction.

The succulent doesn’t require being cared for much and the sprawling leaves make it look awesome in tiny pots.

This plant can thrive even in the darkest corner of your office and are also friendly to brighter spots making it one of the most wanted plants for the category of best succulents for office.


How do you keep succulents alive in an office?

At the office, among the busy work schedule, it’s quite difficult to find time for the floral beings. But let me remind you succulents are well suited to survive even in harsh conditions.

Having known this, all you need to do is follow the below points.

  • Avoid placing them under the air-conditioner.
  • Try to water them at least once a week.
  • Keep them in a bright spot if possible.
  • Provide them with a proper potting mix with well-draining properties.

What is the best plant for an office with no windows?

It is quite strange to imagine an office without windows, but If you meant a closed room in your office, let me tell you the Peace Lily is a perfect choice for this.

The succulent with its magnificent white blooms add elegance to your workplace and have the ability to thrive in low lighting conditions.

Where to buy?

The best Air-purifying succulents and cactus plants can be purchased online here.


Be it your home or office, succulents are one of the best choices when it comes to an indoor plant. This is simply due to their low-maintenance criteria.

Now that you know everything about planting succulent at the office, why wait? Go ahead and get your choice of succulents from the list of best succulents for office mentioned in this article.