Are Snake Plants Safe for Cats and Pets? Understanding Its Toxicity and Treatment Methods in 2024

The Snake plant is very famous among the succulent opted for indoor plantation. Are you too having one at your home or maybe planning to get one? The most common query from gardeners is that, is a snake plant safe for cats.

Being a pet owner and having a pet is as tender as a cat, it is quite obvious to get worried.

You might also be having a deep desire of acquiring a Snake plant for your indoor garden and the only thing that can make you relieved is by getting a response regarding your query – is the snake plant safe for cats.

Well, before we move into further details about the toxicity of the succulent, let us have a brief insight into the attributes of the houseplant.

The Indoor plant – Sansevieria

The houseplant belongs to the botanical family of Agavaceae and is quite hardy and can survive the roughest of conditions.

The plant is also called the Magic Sword because of the shape of its leaves which range up to 6-8 inches. But the problem begins when your cat nibbles the leaves of the succulent and it will surely make you think if the snake plant is safe for cats.

To determine whether safe or not, you need to first get acknowledged with the toxicity of the plant.

Is the snake plant toxic to cats & dogs?

The toxicity quotient will help you determine whether the plants are safe for cats.

The green leaves of the succulents contain traces of saponins. Although saponins exhibit anti-microbial properties, which might be beneficial to humans, they are not when it is for pets. Saponins can be harmful and cause illness to cats which are although mild.

The toxicity from the Snake plants is usually moderate and only for some unfortunate circumstances can turn situations worse.

Is snake plant toxic to humans?

This is quite normal, having known the toxicity quotient, to think whether the plants can harm you as well.

The saponins present in the sap of the plant act as natural insecticides and fungicides.

Although it is not at all normal for any human being to consume plant parts or leaves, if you mistakenly do, it may cause abnormal conditions leading to an allergic reaction.

They might cause your esophagus tissues to swell out of infection. The smallest of contact with the juices of the plant sap may cause skin irritation.

Will snake plant kill my cat?

I know you have been considering the query, is snake plant safe for cats, quite seriously, but you need not worry about your cat getting killed by the plant’s toxicity.

As you already know now, the toxicity levels are quite low and even if your cat gets affected, you can always treat it to recover from the condition.

It is quite rare that your cat will nibble a lot of the leaves thinking it to be its lunch. Well, in such situations, your pet might be in trouble since the succulents are indigestible.

In worst-case scenarios, do not hesitate to contact a veterinary doctor for appropriate suggestions and treatment procedures.

Symptoms of eating snake plant by cat

Are snake plants safe for cats if they consume a lot? Well, you already know now that only higher consumption rates can make your pet severely ill.

Talking about worst-case scenarios and veterinarians, you might be wondering what can be the symptoms that you must observe before contacting the doctor.

Let me quickly list some of the common symptoms noticing which will give you an alarm to ring your vet Stomach pain

  • Swelling of mouth
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Appetite loss
  • Depression

Having known all the symptoms, you must also look for a bite in the plant body or leaves if you are not sure if your cat has nibbled some portion of the plant or not, the symptoms may be due to something else even. Also, look inside the mouth of your pet to find plant traces.

While you take your pet to the veterinarian, note down all the observable factors and also carry the medical history of your pet along with you.

Do not hide anything from your veterinary doctor since they would be the best to guide you in such cases.

Treatment if eaten accidentally by pet

The veterinary doctor usually tries to induce your cat into vomiting, if it hasn’t vomited yet. This will ensure that the portion of the unwanted plant part consumed is expelled from its body.

Do not allow your cat to further consume any more of the toxin. Also, make your pet have a lot of fluids during this phase to keep it hydrated since it has a chance of having diarrhea.

If you observe any swelling or find your cat in a lot of pain, try contacting the doctor over a call for giving medicines for temporary relief. Usually, the pet will recover within 2-3 days, in rare cases, it might take some more days to recover.

Do not get misled if anyone says to you that snake plant is not safe for cats, they are if handled with proper safety measures.

How do I protect my succulents from cats?

When we talk about safety measures to make sure your snake plant is safe for cats, it is usually meant to keep the houseplant in such a place that it is away from the pet’s reach.

If you have a pet and a snake plant, you need to be extra careful so that your pet may never get out of your notice to reach the succulent. You can also indulge in providing your pet with some cat grass to play with.

If you still find difficulty, I will recommend you to use some pet repellent sprays to keep them away from the snake plant. You can find a good repellent spray in the online stores.

What plants are safe for cats?

Cats do have a habit of playing with plants, mainly the ones that attract, and that is when it takes a bite off the fauna as a part of their playing attitude. You may keep some plants in your house which can be safe for your cat.

Let me provide you with some names for ease of choosing.

  • Cat Grass or Lemon Grass
  • Herbs like Rosemary
  • Spider plant


The leaves or the sap of the plant have a very bitter taste and pets usually don’t like it. So the chances of your cat consuming it in large amounts are very less.

The plants are quite different in their looks than other succulents and are not so attractive to cats, which gives you another point for being relieved about thinking if snake plant is safe for cats.

My recommendation would be to keep the snake plant succulent in such a room where your cat has the least chance of entering, and you are safe with both of the beauties around you.

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