Rose succulents, their identification, and disease control strategies in 2024

Are you having a date this weekend? How about decorating your house with some beautiful flowers? Rose succulents can be the perfect choice for you.

Surprised to hear about rose succulent? Well, they are not your usual rose flower but are quite exotic and have as much capability as the rose itself to spread the sensation of love across your room.

Rose succulents are extremely desirable because of their looks and they have been so famous lately that they can be called an internet sensation now.

Are you curious to know the details of the rose succulents? Let’s dive in and get more knowledge about everything you need to know about them.

What are Rose Succulents?

red rose succulents

Not exactly the rose flower, as I already mentioned, these are succulents that look like flowers.

Rose succulents are little pants that are found in the shape of a rose and are quite stunning & tender. They are not colored red, rose succulents are usually found in shades of green & you might consider yourself lucky if you find one easily, they are quite rare too.

Where can I buy rose succulents?

There are several online stores like Etsy and nurserylive where you can get rose succulents. You can also look out at the Amazon stores for this exotic plant. If you’re staying in London and looking for a rose succulent, the UK has quite some options. I would recommend you to try out the succulent-plants store.

How do you care for rose succulents?

rose cabbage succulent yellow leaves

Bagged cactus mix soils are the best soil for your rose succulents. You can wish to add some liquid fertilizers for better growth results but strictly following the watering routine is a must.

Soak your potting mix with water on a regular basis and as you observe it going dry. Dry soil might result in rose cabbage succulent yellow leaves, which might also kill it.

During summers, water it regularly while winters can have some relaxation and watering once in 2 weeks would do.

The plants are quite tender and demand to be kept in a well-shaped pot and at a sunny spot in your house.

How do you propagate rose from succulents?

rose succulents

You don’t have to worry too much to propagate your succulents, just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  • Trim small pieces of rose from the hanging branches.
  • Keep the cut-piece aside & allow callus formation to happen.
  • Once it appears, put them in well-draining soil and leave it alone for some weeks.
  • As you realize the roots get established, start watering the plant.

Take good care of the plant to grow it successfully into an adult plant.

Diseases & solutions

Let us now discuss about some of the common diseases observed and the solutions.


Is your shrub drooping lately?

And you are curious about what could go wrong with the care?

Well, it might have happened that lately, you are not taking adequate care of the plant.

Drooping of the shrub occurs when the water supply and the sunlight supply is not adequate.

How to restore its health?

Water it according to the recommended watering schedules and provide adequate sunlight. Never miss a single watering day. But yes, in the process do not end up overwatering the shrub. Always check for soil dryness.

And if you diligently follow the watering schedule then you might restore your succulence to health.

Rotting and turning light green or white

Excessive watering of the succulent is harmful to it. The shrub will end up rotting because of it.

Now, is your place lately not providing enough sunlight?

If it is so, then be sure that your rose succulent is turning light green, rotting and drooping is all because of lack of adequate sunlight.

The shrub turning complete white indicates the extreme case of lack of sunlight.

Now, what is the solution?

Well, if you have overwatered your shrub then the only way to restore it is to avoid watering it for at least a week. Make sure to provide it with adequate sunlight but not direct sunlight. After the plant and the roots are dry then re-pot it in a clay pot with a good drainage system.

And if your plant is dying because of a lack of adequate sunlight, then better shift the pot to a place with an adequate supply of sunlight or make arrangements for good artificial lighting.

White patches

Rose succulent white patches are a sign of pest attack.

The pest attack on the succulent is mainly done by the mealybugs. And in severe cases, the succulent will turn brown eventually resulting in death.

To save the cactus, we need to apply to dilute isopropyl alcohol on the plant with the help of cotton pads. This might save your plant only during the initial stages. Once, the plant has turned brown then restoring it will be difficult. You can also use Neem oil to get rid of insects.

Toxicity towards pets and children

The shrub’s flowers and fruits are non-toxic to pets and children. But might cause skin irritation and hence the kids and the pets should be kept away from it.

A solution to skin irritation is the use of cool water and soap on the skin.

Find 10 other cactus and succulents those are toxic to pet and children here.

SummaryThe demand and desire for rose succulents are quite high across the globe. The succulent does not require much attention which adds to the reason for people’s demand for it.

Although people often look for bunny succulents & Echeveria succulent for their exotic succulent collection, but the rose succulent fairly wins the race.

It is highly referred to by several customers because it can light up your room with just a little decor. Go grab your rose succulents today!