Top 7 Rare Succulents and Cacti That Are Popular Choices for Your Garden in 2024

Has settling down with something normal never been your way? Well, then I am sure you would hold a keen interest in the rare succulents and cactus to plant.

Succulents are a fine choice for interior gardens and rare succulents are just the perfect one for people who seek exotic beauty in nature. I know you are one of them.

Eager to know more about some rare succulents? Well, let’s get started with some of the deepest insights & listings about them.

How can I identify my succulent?

The world of succulents has become enormous with the multiplying numbers where a new species pops up almost every month. Hybridization has added more to this making it quite difficult to identify which are truly the rare succulents.

Currently, there are more than 9k species of succulents that have been discovered worldwide.

Worried thinking if you will be able to identify the rare succulents? Succulents can be uniquely identified by their shape, leaf structure & size, plant structure, and mostly by their color.

You can easily spot your succulents if you observe their essentials keenly.

Where can I find rare succulents?

Succulents are one of the most tempting houseplants due to their appearance & uniqueness. But their uniqueness also makes it difficult for people to find them, especially if they are one of the rare succulents.

If you are looking for houseplants that are rare succulents, Philippines has a lot of stores to offer you that. Some of the recommended outlets are the Succulentsph, Mr. and Mrs. Green Ph, Cactus Corner by für ellise & the Souvenirs ’N FuN.

If you want to find online stores for rare succulents, Amazon, Etsy can be an option too.

What are the rare succulents and cactus?

Rare succulents are referred to as those plants in the category of succulents that are very hard to find and quite different from the usual ones. They tend to adapt & feature in a completely varying fashion.

You cannot easily find them in a floral commercial store and they are usually hard to care for. The plants are so less found that even the rare succulents seeds become hard to find.

But with the evolution of tissue culture, it is now becoming quite possible to find them. Let us now know about some of the rare succulents and cacti.

1. Plover Eggs

Adromischus cooperi

The name itself makes it sound like a rare breed, and to add to that it is also known as Adromischus cooperi.

The plant attains a height of nearly 5 inches and thrives in bright light. The green leaves are clump-shaped with a reddish tinge on them. They also have red-colored blossoms in the summers.

2. Pebbled Tiger Jaws

Pebbled Tiger Jaws

Speckled in white, the green leaves are ovate with white teeth-like spikes in the edges. They bloom bright yellow flowers with a look similar to that of a daisy.

You need to plant them in well-draining soil & their watering routine needs to be strictly followed or else they may die.

3. Calico Hearts

Calico Hearts

The succulent has a unique oval-shaped leaf structure colored in green pigment with purple dots all over them.

The plant has a slow growth rate with yellow flowers appearing in a tube-like form.

4. Baseball Plant

Baseball Plant Cactus, rare succulents

The appearance is what has given this succulent such a name, the appearance of the plant is quite like that of a baseball. With a diameter of around 16cm, the size of the succulent varies with age.

The succulent can tolerate drought-like conditions and have blooms that are negligible in size.

5. Rock cactus

Rock cactus

A descendant from the land of Tacos, the succulent is also known as the Ariocarpus trigonus.

The blooms of this plant are spread circularly and are white. The flowering happens very late for this rare succulent.

6. Little Jewel

Little Jewel succulent, rare succulents

The succulent, also known as the Pachyphytum compactum is one of the most attractive rare succulents.

The plant has thin veins in the vicinity of the leaves which gives it a gem-like appearance. They are capable of tolerating extreme heat and bloom yellowish-white flowers.

7. Ruby Necklace

Ruby Necklace, rare succulents

The succulent with its purple stems and pinkish-green leaves makes it a highly desired succulents among the gardeners. Also, known as the Othonna capensis, the plant is a native of the African continent.

These fast-growing succulents look perfect when placed in hanging baskets due to their trailing nature.

What is the rarest succulent in the world?

This is one of the most common queries that gardeners usually have. The eagerness for succulents, to be precise for rare succulents make them seek the rarest in the breed.

Being termed as critically endangered by the IUCN, Discocactus subterraneo-proliferans is currently the rarest succulent in the world.

Researchers say that there is a possibility that the count of living succulents for this breed maybe even be less than 50.

What is the easiest succulent to grow?

When it comes to rare succulents, I must say none of them are easy to care for or grow.

But even in the competition of the toughest, there are rankings where there are less tough ones too. Similarly, among the rare succulents, few plants are comparatively easier to grow than the others.

Are you excited to know about it? Let’s not keep you much awaited, it’s the Echeveria x Imbricata.

If you are based out of the land of kangaroos and want to get these rare succulents, Australia has the Australian Succulent Farm offering you this at reasonable pricing.


Succulents are an excellent choice and having rare succulents will certainly enhance your home decor greatly. But, if your choice of the rare plants is succulents, Canada might be a tough place to grow them due to the extremely cold weather conditions.

However, do not be discouraged, you can always get some artificial lights with facilitated glow heat to provide your succulents with the exact temperature it requires.

If you want to know about the rare succulents for sale, UK might be a very good market to explore due to the high demand for such breeds.

These succulents are quite an endangered species as you already know now, so I would like to request you to choose your houseplant responsibly so that you can take good care of your rare succulents.