Top Care Tips for Penis Cactus in 2024

The term Penis Cactus is the Echinopsis Lageniformis is the species of cacti Plant with its synonym scientific name, Trichocereus Bridgesii. This flora is related to a cacti family of Cactaceae.

In addition, these plants are commonly called by cultivators in many different names. Such as; Penis Shaped Cactus, Sperm Cactus, Dick Cactus, or Pornographic Cactus.

These species of Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstrose are not flowering plants they fall in the species of Echinopsis Lageniformis. 

Identification Of Penis Cactus

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The word “Cloning” defines the number of different processes that can be used to produce genetically identical copies of a biological entity. The copied matter, which has the same genetic arrangement as the original, is understood as a ‘clone’.

This kind of cacti plant consists of 2 clones through cultivation which are slightly different from each other. The 2 Clones of Trichocereus Bridgesii are following.

1. Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstruosa – (Clone A)

Clone A dick Cactus

These cacti plants are short jointed types and these Cacti plants are from clone A. This type of flora grows very fast about 2 to 5 meters in height.

It is less green in color and the upper part of the stem is cylindrical in shape, smooth in texture, and resembles a Penis Shape.

2. Echinopsis Lageniformis Monstruosa – (Clone B)

Clone B dick Cactus

Further, these cacti plants are short jointed types and they grow up to a height of 10 to 15 cm tall and 4 to 5 cm in diameter. Furthermore, these Dick Cactus contain the highest Trichocereus  Bridgesii Monstruosa Potency.

Habitat and Life Pattern Of Penis Cactus

The habitat naturally grows in the high desert region of Bolivia in South America. In Bolivia, these plants are called achume or wachume which is used for their Psychedelic Effects.

But, if the Penis Shaped Cactus is grown indoors in a home environment then, these plants are grown in Nursery Cross with different requirements provided for the growth and health of the cacti species of plant.

These florae are exactly Cactus type but are succulent plants. These types of cacti flora possess a fast-growing pattern.

Why Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstruosa is Called as Penis Cactus?

Penis Shaped Cactus

This  Cacti Plant possesses very different and unusual names, in reference to the flora structure. This engrossing specimen diverges from the standard spine and grows in a columnar pattern.

It takes a smooth shape of a male reproductive system. Hence, the plant is called the Penis Cactus, Sperm Cactus, Dick Cactus.

The plant is also called by the cultivators through a german name, ‘Frauengluck’ which means, ‘Women Pleasure’. This plant emphasizes a flora type that arouses sexual attraction and sensation.

Different Species Of Echinopsis Lageniformis Monstruosa – Penis Cactus Species

The Cactaceae family is composed of a vast variety of different and slightly different species in comparison to the Penis Cactus.

The species of Cacti Plant which is slightly different from the Penis Cactus Plant is the genus Pachycereus. These cacti species, a habitat in the Southwestern United States and Mexico.

Some of the significant species of the Pachycereus are;

  1. Pachycereus Pringlei 
  2. pachycereus Schottii 
  3. Pachycereus Marginatus
  4. Pachycereus Weberi

The scientific synonyms of Pachycereus are; “Pilocerus Pringlei” and “Cereus Pringlei”.

Three of the most significant species of Echinopsis Lageniformis Monstruosa are;

  1. Pachycereus Schottii. 
  2. Pachycereus Marginatus.

1. Pachycereus Pringlei

Pachycereus Pringlei

Among the 4 species of Pachycereus the; Pachycereus Pringlei is a cacti Plant similar to the Dick Cactus.

This species of plant is also known as, Elephant Cactus or Mexican Giant Cardon.

These plants naturally grow in Northwestern Sonora and California. It is called ‘Cardon’ which is a Spanish word with its meaning ‘Thistle’.

Moreover, these kinds of cacti are also taken as food by the seri people in sonora and calls the flora “Cactus Xaasj”.

Identification of Pachycereus Pringlei

The flora grows at a height of 10m (30 feet) and if the cacti plant grows as an individual plant then, it grows up to 18 meters (60 feet)

The adult Cardon Plant is attached with several branches and falls in the category of trees. These plants look like the Penis Cactus in structure.

Moreover, the Plants that are grown in the home environment will look slightly different from the Cardon Plant seen in the wild because of environmental changes.

Life Pattern Of Pachycereus Pringlei

The cacti type of plants are slow growers and are considered the cacti species with the longest life span in comparison to any other cacti species.

The specialty of the plant is that It can live for up to 100 years.

How To Get Pachycereus Pringlei – Mexican Giant Cardon Alive?

Today, these Cardon Cactus Plants can be bought online through Amazon

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2. Pachycereus Schottii

Pachycereus Schottii

Pachycereus Schottii is commonly known as ‘Big Penis’. Where the Pachycereus Schottii species and Penis Cactus have similarities.  It is also known as, “Senita Cactus”

These cacti plants grow in the high desert region of southern Arizona and Northwestern Mexico. Especially, in Sonora and Baja California.

The other scientific synonym of Pachycereus Schottii is ‘Lophocereus Schottii’.

Identification of Pachycereus schottii

The plant usually grows trunkless and tall. It grows up to 2 to 4 m in height and diameter of 8 to 16 cm. These plants look alike the Penis Shaped Cactus exactly only big in size.

Life Pattern Of Pachycereus schottii

It grows at a slow rate and these plants can tolerate extreme sunlight but, cannot extend periods of frost/ cold. They can live at a minimum temperature of -9°c in the Arizona Zone (living environment ).

The Pachycereus Schottii also can survive during drought. But, if the plant is grown indoor then proper care is essential.

3. Pachycereus  marginatus

Pachycereus Marginatus

Pachycereus Marginatus is a species of plant in the family of Cactaceae and genes of Pachycereus. It is commonly called, Mexican fencepost cactus.

Pachycereus  Marginatus growth rate is slow and the plant grows up to  3.7 m (12 feet) and sometimes reaches 6.1 m (20 feet) in height. The Cacti Plant possesses a columnar trunk. The Stems of the cacti species grow up to 3 to 4 inches (9–10 cm) and in a diameter of 5 to 7 in (13–18 cm) with ribs.

These species of Pachycereus  Marginatus slightly are yellowish in color. Its cuttings can be used to create fences, as its spines are not as large or dangerous as some cacti.

How To Take Care For A Penis-Shaped Cactus

This plant falls on clone B of Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstruosa. If the Penis Cactus is indoors then proper care should be taken for the flora’s growth and health.

1. Light

This Cactus grow very well in sunlight or in partial shade of sunlight is suitable for growing in the home environment. The more sunlight is gained by the plant, the Dick Cactus grow healthy.

2. Watering

As any organism needs water for its survival, the Sperm Cactus too need water during the summer season. In addition, these Cactus need more accustomed watering than the normal dessert Cactus.

These Cactus need to be watered regularly once or twice a week.

If the Cactus is kept indoors in a warm room for around a year, then at least once every 2 weeks the tray or plate of the pot of the Dick Cactus needs to be filled with water. But, if the soil of the  Cactus is still wet then watering is not required.

3. Temperature

This species of Trichocereus Plant can be handled at a low temperature of 20°c. Even, in winter this Cactus requires to be kept in a bright spot and often should not be watered.

During the over-winter period, the soil of this cactus should be kept dry. Further, in September or October, the Dick Cactus must not be watered or mix any fertilizer.

Moreover, these cacti need to be placed in a cool area of 7°c to 10°c until early May or April.

4. Growth Rate

The Sperm Cactus grows in clusters along the base and form occasional spines. Afterward, the rest grows upward into a long thin Cactus up to the Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstruosa Crest.

Propagation Of Penis Cactus

The growth of any flora organism through a cutting, Seedling, or from other parts of a plant is known as, the Propagation Method.  Penis Cactus can be propagated by two techniques. They are;

1. Penis Cactus Seedling  Propagation Method

An easy and reliable way to propagate Penis Cactus is the Propagation Method Of Seedling.

The easy technique for Seedlings are;

  • The Seeds of the Dick Cactus remain alive for 5 – 6 years and even longer.
  • These seeds need to be exposed to sunlight to keep them active.
  • As a germinating medium, mix soil and coarse sharp sand to bury the Penis Cactus Seeds.
  • The Soil and coarse sharp sand will protect the plant from diseases of Moss and Algae.

2. Penis Cactus Cutting Propagational Method

Another, easy technique to propagate Sperm Cactus is Cutting Method from easy techniques such as;

  • Take the Penis Cactus, cut the callus at 45°c then cut another small part to the level off the top portion that is planned to root.
  • Leave the 45°c cut portion on the base, so water will not flow and rot the base part of the flora.
  • Dry Rooting Powder can be used if desired on the tips of the Penis Cactus.
  • Do not plant the Penis Cactus quickly after cutting the callus.
  • Keep the callus for some time before planting it in a dry medium, if not the pant will rot out within a short time.
  • A healthy sharp cutting lasts long when cut without any hurry.
  • The best strategy is to cut the penis Cactus Callus at 7°c inches facing the floor, for rooting and the Dick Cactus will grow actively.

Cultivation Of Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstruosa

Cultivating dick plant

The Penis Shaped Cactus can be grown and maintained very easily in the home environment while the Dick Cactus possesses a very normal cultivational method in comparison to any other cacti species.

Watering is not required during the cold or winter season. Only during the summer season, does the Cacti Plant need water, while the Penis Cactus is grown indoors. Moreover, very common fertilizers can be used when cultivating the Trichocereus.

Where To Buy A Live Penis Cactus?

The repotted Penis Cactus plants are highly demanded. All over the world these Penis cacti attract the environment and give a high posh look. While, Repotting is the technique to grow these cacti plants at any place as desired as, Repotted Penis Cactus can be carried easily.

Repotted Dick Cactus are put to sale mainly in online shopping sites such as Etsy and Amazon

Wall hang penis Cactus

Diseases And Attacks Caused To The Penis Cactus

The Penis Cactus are strong Cacti Plants so, so pest attacks do not take place very easily but can be affected by diseases. Such as;

Moss and Algae

When the Penis Shaped Cactus are watered, proper care should be taken. If not, overwatering will cause Moss and Algae Diseases.


If green craps appear on the surface of the Penis Cactus then, it is a sign that the cacti plant is affected by the Moss and Algae.

Disease Control

Remove or cut off the surface area where the plant is affected by moss and Algae and if that does not stop the growth of Moss and Algae then, use  50/50 Hydrogen Peroxide and Seachen Flourish Excel which is a harmful chemical so keep out of Children.


  1. Penis Cactus plants are commonly called by cultivators in many different names. Such as; Penis Cactus, Penis Shaped Cactus, Sperm Cactus, Dick Cactus, or Pornographic Cactus.
  2. The 2 Clones of Trichocereus Bridgesii are; Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstruosa of long joint type – clone A and Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstruosa of short joint type – clone B.
  3. Considering the requirements of light, watering, the temperature is important to take care of when the Penis Cactus is grown indoors.
  4. Pachycereus Pringlei, Pachycereus Schottii, Pachycereus Marginatus are important similar species of Penis Cactus.
  5. Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstruosa – Penis Cactus can be Propagated through both seedling and cutting methods and it’s easy.
  6. Cultivating Penis Cactus is much easy and normal in comparison to any other cacti species.
  7. Penis Cactus is now very demanding and it can be purchased through  Amazon
  8. The disease faced by the Dick Cactus is the effect of Moss and Algae.
  9. One of the most beautiful and attractive Cactus species is Penis Cactus which should be planted in every environment to beautify.

Hope the astonishing facts about Penis Cactus are interesting and informative.