Top 10 Outdoor Garden Plants Thriving in Low Light Conditions in 2024

Have you always been told that succulents cannot grow properly under improper lighting if placed outdoor? Well, that’s not completely true since there exist some low light succulents outdoor plants which grow elegantly even with less sunlight.

Succulents are highly adaptive due to their place of origin where often harsh weather condition prevails. Low light succulents outdoor can still thrive growth even if grown under a shade or in low lighting conditions.

Let’s now briefly discuss some of these low-light succulents outdoor plants.

Which succulents do well in low light?

We have handpicked the top 10 succulents which grow well in low light. Here goes the list below.

Gasteria Batesiana ‘Variegata’

Also known as the Ox-tongue for the triangular shape of its leaves which are somewhat rough & opposite to each other.

The preferable spot for this species is under the shady trees and they do well in loamy soil. Sometimes found between rocks or cliffs, the low light succulents can easily survive with moderate watering.

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana

The vibrant color of these low-light succulents outdoor plants is one of the main reasons for its popularity. The blooms are long-lasting and bright red.

This plant can be placed in low-light when it fully blooms and needs to be returned to a bright spot after the flowering stops.

Christmas Cactus

The succulent variety can resist a very low light and still grow to its fullest.

The only time of the year when these low light succulents outdoor plants need to be placed in filtered light is during winters.

Do not change the lighting conditions during the flowering phase and stop watering once this phase ends.

Zamiocalcus Zamiifolia

Descent of the African regions, these low light succulents outdoor plants can tolerate drought-like temperatures and does well in nearly doomed light.

This outdoor plant does not like direct sunlight at all.

The dark green waxy leaves are quite attractive & reflect most of the sunlight falling on them thus making them look vibrant.

Mistletoe Cactus

Mistletoe Cactus

The succulent loves to be in the afternoon shade and originates from the rainforests mainly.

A soil mixed with peat moss & bark is best for the outdoor plant. Watering needs to be done regularly and in a wholesome manner.

Aloe Aristata

The low-light succulents outdoor plants have small leaves that look like a torch. The plant can do well in both filtered and low lights.

You must remember to water the plant only when the soil is completely dry.


A native of Eastern Asia, these low-light succulents outdoor plants need to be protected against intense heat which can result in tissue damage.

This succulent can also be grown indoors in hanging baskets.

Snake Plant

This succulent is often found in indoor/outdoor gardens and is best grown in low light. They are very good at filtering the air by removing benzene contents.

The most interesting fact about the Snake plant is that although it dislikes bright light, it’s only when placed under the bright sun that its leaves bring out the true colors.

Ponytail Palm Tree

They are not palm trees despite their name and are succulents from the Agave genus. Although they prefer bright light but can also survive in low lights.

The soil needs to be fast draining since their trunks store water.

Kiwi Aeonium

Kiwi Aeonium, low light succulents outdoor

This is also a drought-tolerant plant and does well even in low lights or shady spots. They prefer to stay in warm weather conditions and flowers only once in their entire lifespan.

It is advisable to water the succulents only when the soil completely dries up.

Can succulents grow outside in shade?

Succulent can perfectly grow under a shade when planted outdoors. Succulents are often prone to sunburns are thus it is often recommended to keep them under a shade receiving filtered sun rays.

But gardeners usually prefer growing succulents indoors.

High light succulents

Some unique succulents can tolerate the direct bright sun rays and are often categorized as sun-loving succulents. Sedums are a fine example of such succulent plants.

The interesting fact about such plants is that they tend to bloom brighter shades like red, pink, violet, etc, and their pigments become more expressive when sun-kissed.


Gardening is one of the best hobbies and if your choice is for succulents, then light requirements are something which you need not worry about.

Now, with this list of low light succulents outdoor plants, you can easily choose your floral buddy according to the availability of sunlight. Why wait now? Go ahead and choose your succulent today.

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