7 Secret Tips for Growing Succulents from Seeds in 2024

Succulents are mostly used as home décor as they are tempting, diverse, and pretty to see. Want to know the process of growing succulents from seed? You need to keep on reading till the end of this article.

The process of growing succulents from seed is time-consuming but worthy. You have to be a little patient with this. This process could be long and complex but not very difficult.

Growing succulents from seed at home organically is far better than buying them from markets. You just need to buy seeds from the market and grow them in your nursery.

There are more than 2,000 species of succulents, indoor plants, and cacti suitable for home décor

It is cost-effective and worth time and effort to watch them grow from seeds. Let’s discuss the process of growing succulents from seed.

How to start growing succulents from seeds?

succulents from seeds

As we all know, succulents are fascinating. With proper guidance and care, you can grow them at home easily.

If you are a novice and searching right guidance on the process of growing succulents from seed then this article is apt for you.

At first, you will need a few things, like –

  • Planting pots or trays – It should be shallow not more than 4-5 inches of depth with good drainage holes in it.
  • Sand – not from any construction site but the pure horticultural sand.
  • Perlite or pumice –need to add to the potting mix
  • Soil mixture –needs to be slightly sandy & coarse.
  • Succulents seeds or cacti seeds – for your indoor plant
  • Clear lid or wrappers – made of plastic

These are the few things you need to have before starting the whole process. Let’s have a look at the process.

Since seeds are very tiny, clean the hand before starting to plant. At first, pour the soil into the pots or the trays. Then carefully take out the seeds from the packaging.

Remember the seeds are tiny you will face difficulty to place them into the soil.

Succulent seeds do germinate. Succulent germination tips are as follows:

  • Seeds need enough light to germinate
  • Seeds also need permanent access to water
  • Water the seeds from time to time to avoid dryness of the soil. Because seeds need enough moisture to germinate.
  • The ideal temperature of germination is 60-80 degrees.

Then water the seedlings at least once a day and keep away your seedlings from direct sunlight.

How long does it take to grow succulents from seeds?

The process of growing succulents from seeds basically involves three major steps, are as follows:

succulent seed germination

1. Sowing

It is an indoor project, so place the pots inside your home. Carefully unwrap the tiny seeds and place them on the soil.

Make sure the soil has been moistened enough. Use a toothpick to place the seeds effortlessly.

2. Placement

After sowing, timely water the seeds or the seedlings. Place the pots underneath grow light that it receives enough sunlight but avoid direct sunlight.

You can also cover it with a lid or plastic wrapper.

3. Germination

Some seeds take a long time to germinate while most of the seeds germinate very quickly. You will observe the growth of the seedlings within a week if they get favorable conditions.

You can remove the cover once the seeds have germinated.

The seedlings need to be kept in proper moisture to propagate the establishment of the root system. Do not overwater the plant otherwise it will be rotten after a few days.

You can slowly reduce the frequency of watering. Do water it at least once a day.

Some of the fastest-growing succulent seeds are- sweet alyssum, cornflower or bachelor button, marigold, celosia, cosmos. The seeds of these plants sprouted within five to seven days. The seeds from the cabbage family are the fastest.


How long does a succulent take to grow?

The process of growing succulents from seeds takes a long time.

But this process depends on basically 2 major factors –

  • Temperature
  • Sunlight

However, succulents or any other plants start growing from three days to a few weeks. Sometimes, it may take time more than that.

Some species of succulents may even take months to take germinate, even a year. Always keep the pot at a place where the seed germinate succulent seeds in shade.

How to get seeds from succulents?

succulent seeds

Growing succulents or any kind of plant from seeds takes a lot of time. The process of growing of succulent from seed is lengthy, to be honest.

You can buy seeds from markets or online stores. Otherwise, you can get it from the succulents which you grow at your home. Let’s find out how to get seeds from succulents.

At first, you have to wait for the plant to bloom. Some species of the plant take more time to bloom and some need certain conditions to bloom properly. Do good research before jumping into the process.

If you have an idea about plant reproduction then you should know how pollination is important in plant reproduction.

This is how you can get seeds from succulents while growing succulents from seeds at home.

What do succulent seeds look like?

succulent seeds

Usually, succulent seeds look like particles of dust or dirt. So, maybe you will make mistake at first sight by thinking those particles are something else.

Succulent seeds are really inexpensive and seeds from reputed brands are good in comparison to the seeds from local markets. Are you wondering where to buy succulent seeds from? Hold your patience and keep reading as it follows next.

You can buy seeds and even succulents from your near local flower market.

If you want to get branded seeds then try to order from online floral stores. Some of the popular websites are given below.

  • Mountain Crest Gardens
  • The Succulent Source
  • Amazon
  • Leaf & Clay
  • Plant Desert
  • Succulent Gardens
  • Etsy

Some of the most popular succulents are-

  • Echeveria – very attractive because of dark leafed Black Prince
  • Crassula – large fleshy leaves bifurcating from stems, can grow about 50cm wide
  • Kalanchoe – flowering succulent, bloom orange-pink or white flower during early spring, height 15-45cm tall
  • Agaves – large-leafed plant, propagate along with stem

These are some well-known websites where you can place an order. You can also find here some amazing deals and excellent shipping facilities.

Now that you know where to buy succulent from, we can concentrate back on the seeds.

You can also check out the range of succulents and indoor plants from succulent seeds bunnings. This is basically a warehouse for seeds where you can also find a wide range of succulents, cacti, and indoor plants.

How to collect succulent seeds?

collect succulent seeds in a plastic bag

Succulents do produce seeds. As the seeds are too small, they are hard to see. It is quite an interesting process regarding how seed formation takes place in succulents.

But succulents produce flowers that contain an ovule that produces seeds after pollination. Pollination is basically two types:

  • Self-pollination
  • Cross-pollination

Succulents, indoor plants, and cacti produce flowers containing an ovule. If self-pollination happened then two flowers from the same plant came in contact that will produce seeds.

In the case of cross-pollination, bees and insects will do the same.

First, you need to have sharp and clean garden scissors and a small paper or plastic bag. Then gently cut the pods or the head of the seed from the succulent.

Finally, store them in a plastic bag. This is the simplest way to collect seeds from succulent. Always collect seeds from the best-performing plants to get the best result.

Should I water seeds every day?

If you are growing succulents from seeds you should know how often you should water them. You should water the seeds daily until the seeds germinated.

Do not allow the seeds to dry out. Once the seeds have sprouted water the soil at least once per day in order to keep the soil away from drying.

As seedlings do not have an extensive root system, you need to provide them enough moisture by watering them daily. But do not overwater it. You can also spray water over the seedlings in order to avoid any mess.

The newly germinated seeds or seedlings can be got rotten if you overwater them. In a warm climate, water the seedlings frequently. Keep the seedlings in shade to avoid harsh sunlight.

You can also propagate the succulent using water.

Can You Root Succulents in Water?

Yes, succulents can be rooted in water.

Propagation of succulents using water in one of the easiest and full proof method for multiplying succulents. Read more on succulent water propagation here.


Now you are already familiar with the process of growing succulents from seeds and I hope these guidelines will surely help in growing succulents from seeds.

Any gardening enthusiast can perform this process by simply following this guideline.

It is a lengthy process, so,  you have to be careful and patient. Always do good research before buying seeds or seedlings.

I think while growing succulents from seeds, you will surely enjoy the whole process. And I hope you are aware of the hazardousness of the succulents. Keep away your children and pets from the succulents to avoid any kind of unpleasant situations.