10 Colorful Succulents and Cactus for Homes and Offices in 2024

Welcome to the world of colorful Succulent and cacti plants. It is every gardener’s dream to make his or her garden look vibrant and colorful. A colorful garden can change the whole vibe of the house, so what do you think about buying colorful succulents for your garden.

In this article, I will be telling you the 10 colorful succulents that you can plant in your garden.

Nowadays, whenever I open social media, I see a huge craze for colorful Succulents. Everyone is craving it. That is why I thought to make an article about colorful indoor succulents.

It has been observed that most people prefer succulents over cacti plants. That is why keeping the people’s choices as well as the other part together, I have decided to dedicate this article to both colorful succulents and colorful cacti.

I have tried to cover all the crucial facts and information regarding these vibrant colorful succulents. To know more keep on reading to the end. Let’s dive into it.

How to grow and take care of these succulents?

Are you planning to grow colorful succulents at your home but unaware of its caring process? Do you know how to grow colorful succulents? Do not worry! Just give a quick reading to the below steps.

I am going to explain the requirements and the procedures for growing the succulents and cactus in a better way.


For your succulents, you need to choose a small and wide pot that has a good drainage system. A ceramic pot is quite breathable and a good option. If you are fascinated by colorful pots for succulents, you can find them in local stores or online.

colorful Succulent


A mixture of pumice, sand, and ordinary soil mix can be an ideal potting mix for growing colorful succulent plants. It has great drainage capacity and best suits the succulents.


You need to water the soil and not the succulent. You can mist the colorful succulent to get a better result. Overwatering will not help, instead, it can cause rotting of the roots.


Fertilizers are used to enhance the growth of any plant. It should be rich in nitrogen, potassium and must be water-soluble in nature. You can use tea bags, compost manure as fertilizer. This step is totally optional.

 colorful Succulent- Miracle Gro- plant growth


Most of the colorful Succulent and cacti plants can tolerate direct sunlight because most of them are native to the desert. Place the pot in a place where it could get good sunlight. Sometimes, it could get sunburn. So, be careful.

Types of succulents that you can buy

There are many variants of colorful succulents available in the market. But not all succulents are suitable for your home. I will be telling you about some colorful live succulents which are suitable for your home garden.

Fire Stick succulent is the most colorful succulent. The red color becomes more vibrant under the sun and it is a perfect example of colorful outdoor succulents.

Some people have a strong desire for tall colorful succulent. Hedgehog cactus is ideal for this category. It is 18 inches long and 24 inches wide.

Rare plants are also a desirable option when it comes to home gardening. Can you name any of the rare colorful succulents? Let me help you with a name, the Othonna capens which is commonly known as the Ruby Necklace is a very rare succulent.

colorful hanging succulents like the Rat Tail cactus produce beautiful pink-colored flowers which are very vibrant and this makes the cactus twice more beautiful than it actually is.

If you desire to buy a real one but do not want to be bothered with its maintenance, opt for colorful faux succulents which are a replica of succulent plants.

But If you do not want to fall into the hassle of planting at all, you can opt for the colorful artificial succulents. You can find them easily in online as well as offline markets.

10 Amazing colorful cactus & succulents

So, I have categorized the succulent & cactus plants color-wise. I will be suggesting 6 colorful succulent and 4 colorful cacti plants that you can buy. Before choosing your floral pal, let us know a bit about them. Keep reading!

Let us first know about the colorful Succulent for indoor garden.

Purple Beauty

This succulent and also known as hens-and-chicks succulent and their offspring are called ‘chicks.’ This purple-colored succulent features a star-shaped rosette.

The height of the plant is 0.25 to 0.5 feet and therefore these succulents are normally placed outdoors. It can spread from 0.5 to 0.1 feet. They can tolerate cold and frost than most other succulents.

The flower it offers is purple in color, to be specific purplish-pink in color.

1. Purple Heart

colorful Succulent- Purple Heart Flowers


The scientific name of the Purple Heart succulent is T. Pallida. Purple Heart succulents are used as edging plants or groundcovers. The lush foliage of this succulent is also ideal for hanging baskets. These succulents have a brittle stem.

The height of this succulent is 0.5 to 2 feet and can spread up to 1.5 feet. It gives beautiful pale pink-colored flowers.

2. Blue Chalksticks

Blue Chalksticks

These fleshy succulents are absolutely perfect for small edging or groundcover and have a bluish pigment around their leaves. Blue Chalksticks have a slight purple tint under direct sunlight. In summers, small white flowers bloom with the increase in sunlight.

This colorful succulent can grow into a maximum of 2 feet of height and can spread up to 1-3 feet.

3. Blue Glow

colorful Succulent- blue agave

Agave is another type of succulent that comes in a bluish hue. The blue-green leaves with yellow and red borders glow during sunlight. These elegant succulents are commonly used for decorative purposes.

The succulent can grow up to 1-2 feet of height and it can spread up to 2-3 feet. It gives yellow-colored flowers during the blooming season.

4. Campfire Plant

These succulents have bright and fleshy red leaves when they become matured and that is why categorized under red succulents. This plant is known as a red pagoda.

This succulent is a very low-maintained plant. The height goes up to 0.25 – 0.75 feet and spreads up to 2 – 3 feet. It gives white-colored flowers.

5. Sticks on Fire

Sticks on Fire, Colorful Succulents

These succulents resemble bright sea coral and add vibrant color to your garden. It becomes the brightest red color in the winter and becomes yellow in summer weather. The flowers it blooms are yellow in color.

This succulent can grow up to 4-8 feet and spread up to 3-10 feet.

Now, that we have already known about 6 different kinds of succulents categorized under 3 colors, it’s time we go for the cacti plants. Now I will tell you about 4 colorful cacti for your home.

7. Moon Cactus

Moon Cactus, Colorful Cactus

This cactus is also commonly known as Ruby ball cactus. The upper part of the cactus is red or yellow in color and the lower part is green in color. This contrast of colors makes it different from any other colorful cactus.

The lower part of the cactus gives height to the cactus. This cactus is native to the South American desert region. This is considered a small cactus and can grow up to only 0.5 inches wide.

This cactus does not produce chlorophyll.

8. Blue Cactus

Blue Cactus, Colorful Cactus

The name “blue cactus” is all over social media and is one of the most demanded plants by gardeners. It is originally found in hot regions like Brazil, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

This cactus is also known as a hairy candle. It offers beautiful blue flowers and vibrant orange-colored spines. They are really tall and their height could be 32 feet. It does not require direct sunlight, so this cactus is perfect for your home.

Blue cactus can inject vibrant colors into your garden.

This cactus is not at all toxic. If you want to keep them outdoors, it is fine. But do not place it under harsh sunlight.

9. Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus

This is the most cold-tolerant plant that existed in the world. This cactus can withstand temperatures below zero degrees. It is native to North America. It grows where it gets cold dry air.

This cactus is basically used as an ornamental plant. This plant is cultivars most favorite. This plant is easy to grow. Nowadays, People cultivate is plants and consume their fruit.

10. Cholla Cactus

cholla cactus

Cholla cactus is native to southwestern America. It grows in an elongated cylindrical way and stems are connected by segmented joints. It blooms bright pink-colored flowers which makes this cactus colorful.

This cactus is often gets attached itself to humans and animals.

Direct sunlight and dry air are needed to grow them.

I have seen some people ask questions like – how to make succulents change color or how to make colorful succulents. To answer this, I can say that the color is based on some factors like temperature, sun, and water.

The fewer amounts of any of these can lead to changing of colors.

Where to buy colorful succulents?

Are you wondering about where to buy colorful succulents? You can buy them from local gardening stores or you can simply order them online. If you are planning to buy colorful succulents, let me suggest to you some of the bestselling websites. Amazon is one of the best online websites.

Here, you can find colorful succulents for sale. Colorful succulent Australia sells to the global market are no less compared to colorful succulent Canada produces. Both of them are good in quality.

You can also get amazing deals on buying colorful succulents. Philippines shipping charges are free on amazon.com. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab some colorful succulents.

You can also choose to buy some colorful succulent seeds from these online sites.


Propagation is the process of growing a plant from an existing plant. If you are thinking of propagating your colorful succulent, it can be tricky unless you know the right process.

Let me guide you by listing all the steps.

  • Firstly, let the leaf or the cutting dry out into the sunlight.
  • Then, water the leaf-cutting. Full-grown succulents do not need to be watered every day.
  • It will take some time to form roots. After that, succulent or cactus will grow usually.

Potting & Repotting

The potting and repotting process of colorful succulents can also be done using household stuff and you do not need to invest in expensive pots. The plants should be repotted after every 2 – 3 years because the soil loses all its nutrients by this time.

To repot your succulent, you can follow the below-mentioned process.

  • Remove the succulent from the existing pot.
  • Remove soil from the roots carefully.
  • Then, plant the biggest stem into the pot.
  • At last, fill up the pot with the soil.

Disease and Pest Control

colorful succulents can get diseases due to a lack of caring. Some pests like Mealybugs, Spider mites, Thrips, Aphids, Worms/Caterpillars, Nematodes, Cochineal insects, Slugs, snails, etc. can affect your succulent.

Disease and pest control - neem oil

It is recommended to use Neem oil for these insects as it is a natural insecticide.

You can also make a solution by mixing 3 parts of Apple cider vinegar with 1 part of water and apply it to the impacted spots using cotton balls and tongs.


The above-mentioned colorful succulent is non-toxic. Always wear gloves before touching any cactus or succulent. The sharp and small spines are really dangerous to your children as well as your pets.

Keep your cactus plant away from your pets and children. On the other hand, your pets can also damage your colorful cactus succulents. So, keep it in a safe place.

Here is a list of cactus and succulents that safe for your cats and pets.


So, now we are at the end of our discussion. I think I have managed to deliver a good amount of information regarding colorful succulents.

The caring growing and propagating process is mentioned in a very simple way and a suggestion of 10 colorful succulents has been specially made for you.

colorful Succulent is becoming popular day by day. It is okay to have craving for them. This article has tried to make your search easy.

The suggested colorful succulent is suitable for your home. Keep all tips in your mind before buying succulents for your garden.