Top 5 Affordable Shops for Cactus and Succulents in Dubai in 2024

Succulents are known for their unusual appearance and there are approximately 60 different species of their kind. Are you looking for a cheap & exotic succulent in Dubai? This article will guide you to find one easily.

The UAE, although known for its luxurious lifestyle & modern architecture has not forgotten the touch of nature as you may find so many florists down any lane you choose to walk.

Finding a succulent in Dubai is not a very strenuous task but finding cheap succulents in Dubai may have you put in some effort.

Want to know more about where you can find cheap succulents in Dubai? Well, let’s find out some of the places where you can buy succulents in the UAE.

Where can I buy succulent in dubai?

cheap succulents in dubai

Finding a cheap succulent in Dubai might be hard but not impossible. There are many places where you can find cheap succulents in Dubai.

Are you in search of some high-quality indoor plants? Let me tell you about some of the popular places where you can find a huge variety of premium quality indoor plants.

So, here we go with the list below.

Succulents are very tempting and pretty to see & are generally used as home decor.

Where can I buy succulents in Abu Dhabi?

best succulents in dubai

Finding succulents in Abu Dhabi is also not very difficult provided you know the right place to acquire them. Let’s discover some of the places where you can cheap succulents in Abu Dhabi.

These are the few places where you can find succulents and indoor plants in Dubai.

How to buy succulents online?

indoor plants dubai

To buy succulents, indoor plants, or cacti in UAE from an online store is cheaper & easy.

Let me provide you with some of the trusted & well-known websites which you can visit to find the perfect marketplace for the best indoor plants in UAE:

These high-rated online websites or stores will provide you with the exact succulents & indoor plants that you have desired for.

The most amazing thing is their lucrative deals & discounts along with their excellent shipping services.

These stores also offer fresh flowers & customized bouquets for the customer. So, if you want to gift your boyfriend/girlfriend a lovely bouquet, you know the right place to get it now.

Know more about 5 must to have office succulents and their care.

5 Best succulents for office

1. Aloe

Aloe is an enormous class of succulent plants. A few species develop extremely enormous while a few species categories stay little.

These are agreeable, low maintenance plants which make them an extraordinary choice for the workplace where you can disregard them and overlook them generally.

Aloes are incredible starter plants since they can endure and flourish in various developing conditions. Their development can be controlled whenever kept in small pots.

2. Sansevieria (Snake Plant)

Sansevieria isn’t just a well known delicious plant yet besides an extremely mainstream houseplant as a result of its air-cleansing properties.

They are recognized to purify the air by expelling formaldehyde and benzene toxins in the air.

These plants don’t do well in full sun and ought to be shielded from sunlight. They will do best when given brilliant, filtered light.

3. Senecio Rowleyanus (String of Pearls)

The string of Pearls’ keeps on developing famous as an indoor plant. These plants have extraordinary pea-moulded green leaves developing on thin stems.

These plants ought to be shielded from guide daylight and will do best in halfway colour. They can withstand low light and they aren’t over-watered which can immediately trigger root decay.

They seem best in hanging growers where their stalks can hang and track as they develop.

4. Haworthias

Haworthias are a massive form of midget succulents. A few haworthia species resemble an aloe vera. All these plants may withstand inferior or very low lighting states.

These succulents put their best self forward when furnished with splendid, indirect light. They’ve long, green leaves with pointy borders and secured with snowy warty stains.

5. Schlumbergeras (Christmas Cactus)

Schlumbergeras usually are perhaps not quite the exact same as distinct succulents inside their overall look and developing habits. They are epiphytes, which means they develop on trees and different plants.

These make amazing indoor plants given that they do well in fractional shade and ought to really be safeguarded from daytime.


cactus in uae desert

An amazing fact about them is that if they get ideal conditions, they will start propagating by themselves. Some plants even grow without soil.

Succulents, indoor plants, cactus in the UAE desert are easy to find in Dubai. Some of the online and offline places are enlisted above.

To find a good succulent in Dubai you can refer to the places mentioned in this article.

You can get succulents in UAE at a cheap rate with amazing deals in any of the online stores as mentioned here. If you are still not comfortable online, choose an offline store from the enlisted ones.