Top 10 Indoor Succulents and Cacti for Low Light Environments in 2024

Succulents have been very popular as houseplants for their low demands for maintenance. For indoor gardening, people often look for the best indoor succulents low-light surviving plants.

Are you too looking for the same? I must say then you are at the right place as this article will help you easily choose the best indoor succulents with low-light surviving plants.

Before going into details about the best indoor succulents low light surviving plants, let us know briefly know about the light requirements of succulents.

What kind of light is best for succulents?

Succulents love to stay in a bright space with filtered sunlight available. You can either keep it under a shade or on the southern window-panel of your house.

If you keep it under artificial GROW lights, I would recommend you to choose a color temperature of nearly 3000K.

Are Succulents better inside or outside?

In recent years, succulents have been widely chosen as indoor plants.

But it has been often observed that succulents growing outdoors tend to look more fresh & healthy due to the space they get and also better airflow.

Can succulents survive with indoor light?

If you ensure proper lighting for it, obviously it will survive & grow well even when placed indoors.

If you stay in a location where enough sunlight is scarce, you can choose artificial lights to keep them under appropriate illumination.

Which succulents are best for indoors?

Not all species of succulents can be used as houseplants due to their varying characteristics. However, some of them are can easily adapt to artificial conditions and are best for indoor plantation.

Let us know about some of the succulent which can do well even in low-light and a perfect as houseplants.

Devil’s Ivy

These are some of the best succulents which can magnificently grow even in low lights. All you need to is take a little care of these indoor succulents.

The plant is also resistant to drought, so you don’t need to bother about its watering routine.

devil's Ivy


Zanzibar Gem (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

Looking for some aesthetics among succulent? There can be no great than the Zanzibar Gem, also called the ZZ plant. It requires a proportionate amount of sun rays and can do well in low light.

Want to decorate your home? Go ahead and get this succulent now.

zanzibar gem


Lady Palm

The succulent can do well in minimal lighting and prefers to be kept away from direct sun rays. The houseplant needs to be watered only once a  week.

The Lady palm grows slowly but that is nothing to worry about since you can always choose an advanced breed for better results.

Lady Palm


Jade Plant

The Jade plant is one of the most preferred succulents when it comes to home gardening. These low-maintenance indoor succulents require the least requirement of sunlight to grow fully.

A well-breeder in any sort of climatic conditions, it is just the succulent that suits the category for the best indoor succulents low light surviving plants.

Jade Plant


Peace Lily

As peaceful as its name suggests, the succulent doesn’t bother you in monitoring it always. It requires minimal water and grows fantastically even in low light.

The amazing fact about this succulent is that it thrives for growth in the shades than in the sunlight, a perfect choice for the best indoor succulents low light surviving plants.


Peace lily



Do you get less time to spend with your floral friends? But the passion for them always attracts you toward them. Well, Platycerium is the perfect choice for you since it requires very little monitoring.

This succulent thrives in low light and prefers to be kept away from the sun. Watering needs to be done only once a week.



Maidenhair Fern

Although being a low-light preferring succulent, it brightens up the place wherever you place it.

The houseplant demands to be kept in a warm place despite being a low-light succulent. You need to prepare an organic potting mix to ensure proper growth and remember to water regularly.

Maidenhair Fern



Are you looking for a low-light suitable succulent that is almost impossible to kill? Well, Aspidistra is what fits your choice.

Commonly known as the Cast iron plant, is a perfect fit for the category – best indoor succulents low light plants. They are slow-growing but the elegant leaves would keep you drooling over it.




A plant that is a great choice for home decor and parties belongs to the category of the best indoor succulents low light surviving plants.

Although the plants don’t like direct sunlight, a bright room would never be a problem. The succulents look great in hanging pots.



Euphoria Milii

Having thought of buying the best indoor succulents low light surviving plants, there is no way you can ignore the Christ plant.

Better known as Euphoria Milii, this extraordinary succulent thrives in low light and the elegant red blossoms make it the perfect choice for cacti that blooms in low light.

Euphoria Milii

Best tall indoor plants for low light

Have you always had a fascination for tall plants? Are you eager to find tall plants that suit the category of the best indoor succulents low light plants?

Let me help you with a list of the top 5 tall plants which can survive in low light.

Best indoor succulents for office

Do you want to decorate your office even? Let us look into some of the office succulents which fit the category of best indoor succulents low light plants.

Low light succulents outdoor

Residing in a location with low intensity of sunlight? People often look out for outdoor succulents that survive in low light.

Let us also have a look into a few of them now.

  • Fox-Tail Agave
  • Devil’s Backbone
  • Wax Plant
  • Woodland Stonecrop
  • String of Hearts

Why do my succulents keep dying?

This is sad but have you found out something among the common problems for succulents.

  1. Under-watering may be a reason if you find it wilting or having yellow leaves.
  2. Root rot is caused when the pot lacks proper drainage. If the pot seems fine, you must be overwatering the succulent.
  3. Succulents are prone to fungal infection. You are advised to apply pesticide sprays once a month at least.


The wide variety of succulents is marked by characteristics that differ from plant to plant. Since you are looking for the best indoor succulents with low light plants, you can rely on our list for making your choice.

Once you buy the best indoor succulents with low light plants, remember to water it well and keep it in a suitable pot with a good potting mix.